Learn about LCU's New Strong PAC login feature for Online Banking!

Strong Pac 2In the near future, members will be required to change their Personal Access Code (PAC) when they log in to Online Banking or the Luseland Credit Union Mobile App. LCU is adding extra security to banking accounts, by increasing the type of characters required to create passwords. Passwords will be changing from all numbers to alphanumeric passwords, to make them more secure.

Following the update, the first time you log in to Online Banking or use the LCU Mobile App, you will be prompted to change your password.  It is recommended to log in to the LCU Mobile App first to make the PAC changes. Your new STRONG PAC must meet the following minimum requirements:


  • At least 8 characters minimum, and up to 30 characters maximum     
  • At least one uppercase letter and one lowercase letter
  • The following special characters are optional: @ # $ - !
  • At least one number and no spaces