In 1962 there was interest in the community in forming a Credit Union.  Thanks to Wayne Osterhold and many others, the present Credit union was given its charter on June 5, 1963. The incorporators were: August Scheidt, Sheila Osterhold, Wayne Osterhold, Robert Reiber, Walter Scholer, Joe Zunti, Casper Zunti, Joe Bazylinski, Karl Meier and Earl Ternan.  The Credit Union operated out of the Bell Insurance Agencies Office. In October 1964 the Town of Luseland offered the Library building for sale and the Credit Union purchased it. Three years later a new Credit Union building was built. Since then the CU has seen an addition and a number of renovations to keep current with the changing needs. Today the Credit Union has been a part of the community for over 50 years old. The Luseland Credit Union is proud to be a leader in the community and looks forward to serving the members for the next 50 years.