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Transfers made ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, through LCU Online Banking and Mobile App.

What can International Transfers be used for?

  • Sending money to your account in the USA or internationally.
  • Buying property or a holiday home outside of Canada.
  • Paying for tuitions fees overseas.
  • Investments outside of Canada.
  • Sending money to friends or family who reside overseas.
  • Paying for accommodations or holidays outside of Canada.
  • Supporting a family member travelling.
  • Paying for a wedding abroad.
  • Overseas mortgage payments.
  • Paying for bills or medical expenses overseas.
  • Paying for work to be completed outside of Canada.

How to make International Transfers:

1) Complete a one-time registration through LCU online banking or mobile app. (An image of your photo ID is required to get started).

2) Add a recipient(s).

3) Enter the details of what currency, what dollar amount, and who you're sending to. 

4) Click "Get Quote".

5) Review your transaction and if you want to send the funds click "Execute Transaction".

6) A copy of your transaction will be emailed to you.

If you have any questions, contact us here.